We Understand Service

Our company was founded by people with years of experience in contractor industry. As a software company, there is a keen understanding that service is paramount. Although components of our product such as time sheet and client management can be found with other sources, what separates us is our ability to provide a service specifically for the contractor market.

We Understand Reliability

Delivering timely, accurate contractor information is the key to our success. Our information systems were designed from the ground up to provide outstanding visibility and communication on every aspect of our service. We utilise the best technology infrastructure to provide a reliable 24x7 backbone on which you can depend.

We Earn our Success

We earn our success one customer at a time by providing an outstanding, cost effective service. We can provide exceptional cost savings to the end customer, and increased staff efficiencies.

We Deliver

jnet's core philosophy is to be the best. By utilising a global network of IT infrastructure and employing highly skilled specialists, jnet is able to deliver the highest reliability, great service and online security.

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