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For defects, enhancements and ad-hoc requests please use our JIRA Issue Tracking Database. If you do not have an Issue Tracking Database account

Ticket Submission Procedure

When submitting new tickets, please choose a priority according to how important the issue is for your company. We will then deal with more important issues first, even if they have been submitted more recently than less important tickets. Once the ticket has been fully understood and accepted, we will assign a developmental status which indicates the likely timescale for implementation. This ranges from High, indicating implementation in the near future, to Low, indicating either a low priority or extensive development effort requirement.

Please also choose the category into which the ticket falls:

  • Bug Reports are for unexpected errors with the system and will receive priority attention. Please log details of the problems experienced, and in particular exactly how to reproduce the error.
  • Feature Suggestions are a wish list for new functionality that your company would like to be considered for the system. These will be assessed according to your priority and will be considered for future system upgrades as part of our continuous programme of application improvement.
  • Consultancy requests are for system features and customisations that your company would like implemented on a chargeable basis. These receive priority attention over Feature Suggestions. Our current charge rate is 75ph and we will assume the first 4 hours of investigation or change is authorised and will be added to your monthly invoice. After that time we will come back with several options available and estimated cost of each.

When assessing Feature Suggestions or Consultancy, we will first need to determine whether the request is possible within the application's framework, and if so we will then report back with the options available. When submitting a ticket, please approach the situation from the perspective of how the existing system is deficient rather than giving suggested solutions. It is vital that we fully understand the background to the issue in order that we can come up with a solution that is most suitable to the application as a whole.