Review Task Work Flow

When a contractor is entered into the system the system creates a "Review Task" work flow item in the team inbox. This is used to track the fact that the contractor is under review (checking paper work etc.). The admin can finish the review task at any point.

Manual review tasks can be created and used to store additional historical notes regarding the contractor. These notes can be reviewed using the 'Task History...' option.

These Tasks are designed to act as a reminder to take an action at some later date, such as when the contractor's account is looked at next, at a specific date, or after a specific event has occurred. When a review task is waiting, the menu title will change from Task to Review Task on the contractor's home page. The instruction can be viewed by clicking on Review Task, then History, which will also show all previous Tasks for this contractor. Once the Review Task has been actioned, click Done Review Task, and it will then be marked as completed.

All outstanding Review Tasks for all contractors can be viewed by clicking Home on the Accountant menu, then Task Search, and then perform a search with "Assigned To" set to the first blank entry.

Employee / Payroll / Contract Admin Notes

The system allows additional notes to be stored against the employee, payroll or contract.

These notes can be set to alert the admin when going into the contractor's account.

For example an alert with the option 'Employee' will alert the admin every time the contractor's account is accessed. An alert with the option 'Contract' will alert the admin on entering a page related to the particular Contract e.g. a Sale or Time sheet related to the contract or the contract itself.

When the popup appears, it will display the message and the admin will need to dismiss the popup to continue. Once dismissed, the popup will not appear again until the contractor in question is deselected and then reselected again in context. Alerts can be captured in the employee and payroll screens as well as for each contract.