The jnet Portal integrates with third party document signing facilities, provded by Echosign. This provides the ability for contractors to be sent documentation for signing from the portal, which may include terms and conditions, agreements, or any other documents requiring signing.


In order to utilise this facility, an account will need to be set up with Echosign here. Having signed up, the API key provided by Echosign, along with your chosen account username and password, should be entered into the portal by clicking Values from the Config Menu, then populating the following items:


Creating document templates

Each type of document requiring signing should be set up as a Word document, a PDF, or any other document type that Echosign handles. Each of the fields in the document representing items such as contractor first name and last name should be replaced by Echosign parameters, for example:

This document is made as a legal agreement between:

First Name : {{contractorFirstName_es_:signer1}}
Last Name : {{contractorLastName_es_:signer1}}

When the document is called by the portal, the parameters will be replaced by the appropriate information from the database.

The following paramaters are available for incorporation into documents:

  • contractorLastName
  • contractorFirstName
  • contractorFirstAndLastName
  • contractorDateOfBirth
  • contractorAddressLine1
  • contractorAddressLine2
  • contractorAddressLine3
  • contractorAddressLine4
  • contractorAddressLine5
  • contractorAddressPostCode
  • contractorAddress

Once completed, the document should then be uploaded to the Echosign library, which is accessible from the Echosign account login page. As many documents as required can be created and uploaded to Echosign.

Sending documents to the contractor

All template documents created will be listed in the contractor's home screen. Click Details, then Documents from the home screen menu. A list of documents can then be seen, along with the status, and if sent, the date sent and whether the document has been signed yet. Clicking Send will automatically email the document to the contractor for signing.