The jnet Portal provides a method of keeping track of employees' expense receipt submissions. This can be used to ensure that employees submit enough receipts to cover their expense claims, and this is most commonly applied to fuel receipts.

Entering receipts

Administrators can record paper based receipt details by going to the employee's home page, then clicking on Details, Expense Receipts from the admin menu bar at the top. The Expense Receipts screen can then be seen, and new receipts can be added by clicking the button top right.

Expense bulk upload

Administrators can also upload receipt details for multiple employees in bulk using an Excel spreadsheet. Click Uploads on the Integration menu, then choose Expense Receipt Upload. The file format for the spreadsheet is given at the bottom of that page, however as a minimum will require either the Employee Reference, Employee Payroll Reference, or First Name and Last Name to key each row. Also required are:

  • Expense Date
  • Receipt Type
  • Gross of Vat
  • Net of Vat

Expense rules

Employee expense rules can be used to flag when an employee has not submitted sufficient receipts to justify their expense claim. For example, in the scenario where the contractor should have a minimum amount of fuel receipts to back up a claim in a particular timesheet, set up an Advanced rule with the condition set to "Receipts Total >= Total Miles Claimed x Amount (Rate)". Then enter the applicable rate in the amount box in pounds per mile (e.g. 0.16 for 16 pence per mile). The rule will then calculate the cost of the miles claimed at this rate, and will flag if there are not enough fuel receipts entered to cover this amount.

Note that when calculating whether the rule has failed, the system will sum all receipts entered for that employee during the current employment, with a date before the timesheet end date. It will then compare this against the sum of all expenses of that type before the timesheet end date. It is these totals of receipts and expenses entered since the beginning of the employment that determine whether the rule flags or not.

See the Expense Rules page for more details on using rules.


A report showing total expenses and receipts amounts is available on the Data Marts screen (Integration menu). The report will display the following totals since the beginning of the employment for each employee:

  • Total Expense Miles
  • Total Expense Amount
  • Total Receipt Amount