Looking for the best time sheet and expense reporting portal for your accountancy business?

Many accountants are bogged down in manual time tracking methods that constantly wear away at productivity and are predisposed to errors. jnet Contractor Portal is a clear and sweeping solution to these time sheet challenges.

Reduce time sheet and expense report errors.

As paper records drift from agents to accounting and payroll departments, time sheets can become damaged, mixed up or lost. Subsequently, the re-keying of time sheets by HR and then payroll staff usually results in data-entry errors. With jnet Contractor Portal time sheet errors are all but eliminated because data is entered only once. Records are stored electronically and flow securely through the system.

Real-time reports easy and accurate

Time and expense records should be easy to access in real-time with jnet Contractor Portal, they are. Administrators can check any approved hours they've billed and expenses claimed. Agents, managers and the payroll department can track daily and cumulative hours billed and expenses claimed.

Highly customised Accountancy Portal

Your portal can be customised:

  • Install your own logo and colour scheme
  • Customise fields and page level help
  • Produce regular marketing and information emails
  • Create your own terms and conditions, predefined emails, etc.
  • Create your own expense rules (e.g. for referral)

Secure and Reliable

jnet uses RackSpace Managed Hosting one of the safest and most advanced hosting providers in the UK. We backup our databases nightly and have stand by servers in the unlikely event of hardware failure.

jnet Contractor Portal is a unique service aimed at streamlining interaction between contractors, agencies, and accountancy firms. jnet Contractor Portal provides the accountant and agent a consistent view on the contractor's time sheet and invoice details.

jnet Contractor Portal eliminates the wasted time and confusing or misplaced records that result from manual time-sheets. Using the same Web-based time-sheet system, data is easily entered and quickly moved along through the system. Managers can electronically and promptly approve or deny time-sheets and expense reports.

jnet products are live and currently processing thousands of time-sheets per month for paying customers.

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